What is The Colectivo?

In Spanish, Colectivo means “collective” (a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective) More colloquially in Spanish, Colectivo can also refer to a public bus. Both of these interpretations of this word effectively describe this network. 

The Colectivo is a network of organizations in Guatemala that are headed in the same direction. All are committed to the concept of collective action and an abundance mindset. Members of The Colectivo are bound by a shared focus on the empowerment and dignity of girls and women in Guatemala. Member organizations of The Colectivo also share the following organizational attributes:

  • Organizational missions that focus on the dignity and empowerment of women in Guatemala,
  • Leadership that is based in Guatemala and therefore capable of quick responses to emerging challenges,and
  • A shared commitment to local talent for the design, leadership, and implementation of programming. 
  • All are guided by a rights-based approach for long-term dignified solutions.

The Colectivo’s organizations represent four thematic areas:

  • Promoting the rights of women and girls (Women’s Justice Initiative)
  • Demonstrating the power of girls’ education (MAIA)
  • Addressing critical health needs in vulnerable areas (Wuqu’ Kawoq)
  • Providing sexual and reproductive health education and services (WINGS)